The Wonderful Paradox - I have more fund and enjoy more financial success when I help other people get what they want

The Directors of the GOOD SERVICES BUREAU are consciously aspiring to the 7 Graces marketing principles to impact society in a positive way. 

The 7 Graces is a holistic approach to business and advertising, devoted to creating harmonious relationships with people, our economy and the delicate ecological balance of our natural world. They are values we hold dear, and principles to which we continually aim to uphold in our work and personal lives and we encourage our members to follow these principles.

We see all things in this world as part of Creation, including our enterprise and projects. We are committed to utilising our business to foster greater Connection between all people and the planet. We believe Connection is fundamental to the healing of suffering, and to the flourishing of all the other Graces. 

We will never use persuasion to influence our audience to think or act a particular way. We are committed to empower and inspire others through our ideas, words and actions. We believe Inspiration can breathe life into all beings. 

3.Invitation: We believe everyone has a right to their own space.
We will always ask permission to connect with you, and when we do, we will be respectful, courteous and gracious. We believe the art of Invitation can restore friendship in our society. 

We believe it helps no one when a business hides behind lofty jargon, gimmicks and gloss. We will always speak as plainly and as directly as we can, free from disempowering distractions. We believe Directness can restore trust in our society. 

We will never use deceptive language or empty promises. We will never try to appear we are more than we are, or promise what we cannot deliver. We will express our values and beliefs openly, so you can see who we really are, and allow those values and beliefs to be expressed through how we do business. We believe Transparency can create a beautiful world. 

We will never use scarcity and fear to manipulate others into spending money. We believe there is enough in the Universe for all when we live in harmony and rhythm with the planet and each other. We believe Abundance is everywhere, if we look at the world with different eyes. 

We believe competition makes us weaker, not stronger. We believe Collaboration in business keeps positive energy flowing to create stronger communities. We believe Collaboration always results in something greater than the sum of its parts. We believe Collaboration builds greater Connection, from which all the other Graces spring.

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